The Benefits & Challenges of Student Rentals with Erwin Szeto


Listen to the episode:

Show Notes: In this episode, Sarah sits down with Erwin Szeto (a.k.a. Mr.Hamilton) to discuss student rentals and investment opportunities in Hamilton, Ontario.

Today’s Guest:
Erwin Szeto left a career in business to focus on real estate investment. Today, Erwin is a
successful realtor and investor with properties throughout Southern Ontario. In this episode of “Where Should I Invest?” Erwin shares his thoughts on investment and overcoming “analysis paralysis”.

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn how to calculate cash flow on a potential investment property
  • Gain insight into the Hamilton, Ontario market
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of purchasing a student rental
  • Discover the importance of effective networking
  • Learn how to overcome “analysis paralysis” and take action
  • Receive tips and tricks for creating balance in your life
  • Discover how you can create financial security for your children through real estate investment

Contact Information:
For more information, visit and Don’t forget to check out Erwin’s podcast, “The Truth About Real Estate Investing… for Canadians”.
ACRE discount code: erwinsguest

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