Are Millennials Really That Bad With Their Money?

Like the video above there seems to be a lot of news and media about how millennials are at a disadvantage and we have it harder than other generations.

My thoughts are we need to look at our current situation and instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, put in 120% effort to make a change happen. It can take years to do so and many many hours but it is well worth it. We are living in new times where things are more expensive and housing seems to be harder to get than before. There are more items being sold and more marketing pushing us to buy things but let’s have some restraint!

This is the reality of changing times, millennial or not, it is getting harder to spend less and invest more. We need to accept it and work towards making a change for ourselves and understanding our needs vs wants. If we want to afford a house then let’s learn and educate ourselves on how to do this. It is not by thinking about it for a few days or reading a couple books, it takes more work and effort than that.

If you truly dedicate yourself to learning financial literacy, understanding how to invest for the long term, you will be able to defy the odds and not be a statistic.


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