Why Millennials Need to Develop Investing Habits

Financially Optimistic Millennials Aspire to be Millionaires, Retire Early

TD Ameritrade survey shows how millennials are redefining life milestones

This recent survey identified millennials as being a very positive and aspirational group, another example of the opposite negative labels we see far too often. Although US focused you can most likely draw similar conclusions for Canada.

“Millennials are graduating at record rates and it’s great to see that like most previous generations of college students, young people are optimistic about the future. On average, survey respondents expect to land a job in their chosen field and be completely financially independent by age 25,” notes JJ Kinahan, chief strategist for TD Ameritrade. “This is a financially optimistic group that’s feeling positive about the economy, the job market and their own plans. However, they will need to develop saving and investing habits that will help them reach some pretty big goals.”

The #1 trigger for gaining financial independence is for a millennial to move out of their parents home, the most logical conclusion to that is for them to be investing in their first home to do that.

You can access the full report by clicking here. 

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