At Last Millennials = Real Estate Investors

A recent Forbes article highlighted millennials as being the next real estate investors of single homes. You can read the full article by clicking here Why Millennials Are Poised To Be The Next Wave Of Single Family Rental Investors

This is a great article and one that is spinning millennials and real estate investing in a positive light. So happy to read these types of articles.
As it mentioned, we have access to so much more information than any generation has had before. Information that is accessible without needing to step outside our homes. Everything is available at our fingertips: Real estate podcasts, blogs, websites, mentors, courses and so much more. We are living in a lucky time where we can learn anything from anywhere and it is time we start to realize this.
We are slowly modernizing this entire industry and due to our population size, companies and industries are adapting to many of our asks and needs. I do think one day we will no longer be working with realtors as the main method of purchasing homes…. What do you guys think?
On another note, Millennials saw their parents go through the crash of 2008 and 2009 and even though they are cautious when investing in general for the fear of losing it all, I think some are starting to see the opportunity through investing in cash flowing assets that have tenants paying down your mortgage principals with each and every payment.
We can’t control the next downturn but at least we can prepare for it as we know one day it will be back. Let us prepare by getting the education and resources in place so that we are in the power to buy and purchase more of these assets when they go on discount next time around. Let’s use the technology to move us ahead and give us those answers.


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