Top 5 Things You Should Know as a Young Investor:


Even thinking about investing after just finishing school can be scary.  Slow and steady wins the race so do not ignore getting started; 

1. Investing should be fairly boring and is a slow game. 
Avoid trying to get rich quick as it almost always backfires. Instead, pick simple tried and tested strategies and stick to them for the long run. Avoid the new craze and stick to what works. If you can’t explain the strategy to a 10-year-old, pass on it!
2. You will need more than one source of income if you want to become wealthy (At least 2-3 sources)
Most millionaires have 3-4 income sources. In 2018, you can no longer just rely on your job income. One day your job may be sent overseas, they will have the technology to replace it, or you may get sick and no longer able to work or have to take care of a family member. My favourite income sources are, investing in dividend stocks, real estate investing for cash flow, and starting a side hustle.
3. Real Estate Investing is not often suggested to you because Financial Advisors don’t make money suggesting that route. Banks also make more money by selling you their mutual funds.
Most advisors are commission based, meaning they get a percentage of your total invested assets each year. Telling you to take that money out and buy real estate would eliminate their income. Real estate investing has created the most millionaires than any other strategy. Learn and educate yourself and add real estate (hard assets, not REITs) to ensure proper diversification and to create more “passive” income.
4. You will waste so much money on fees by investing in mutual funds. Look at ETFs instead and self-manage for fees of <1%.
Management expense fees and commissions to pay the advisors and traders are a huge waste of money when it has been proven that investing in index funds outperforms actively managed funds. Better yet though, start learning about ETFs and use a self-directed account for the lowest fees.
5. House hack your first home instead of buying the biggest house your salary can afford you
Buy a duplex or triplex, live in one unit and rent out the others. You will have your renters pay off your mortgage, costs of living and often can end up with money in surplus. Use that to accelerate your savings. Once you have enough, rent out the unit you are living in and buy another house and rent out the other units. This is a quick way to wealth most don’t or won’t do.

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