Ontario Landlords You MUST Listen to This Episode

Addressing Landlord Issues & Concerns During a Crisis

Guest: Kayla Andrade, Real Estate Investor & Landlord Advocate  

On this special edition of the Where Should I Invest? Podcast, Kayla Andrade answers your burning questions on being a landlord through the COVID-19 pandemic. She addresses:

  •  Why this crisis has made things worse for landlords/investors, 
  • Concerns leading up to April 1st, 
  • What you can do leading up to April 1st 
  • Provides other helpful insights. 

This crisis is really supporting the view that all landlords in Ontario need to join forces and make their voices heard against the injustice of Government actions. 

Kayla has 17 years of real estate investing experience and is the President of the Ontario Landlords Watch which provides the highest quality services to members through education, policy development, and advocacy.

Ontario Landlords Watch serves residential landlords and property managers, providing members with a vast network of resources from landlords, property managers, realtors elected officials, businesses, legal services, and consulting.

In the Facebook and private chat groups, they discuss topics that affect investors/landlords’ livelihood, with the purpose of creating a dialogue for positive change. Subjects include, but aren’t limited to: The Residential Tenancy Act, Landlord and Tenant Board, Municipal by-laws that affect rental properties and case studies involving experiences with troublesome tenants. Bottom line – OLW provides landlords with the opportunity to have their voices heard, in order to create solutions for the betterment of the rental housing industry in Ontario.

You will learn about:
– Why does Coronavirus make things worse for landlords/investors?  
– Concerns for April 1st 
– Small landlords vs. Institutional landlords
– Ontario Landlords Watch Group
– What to do before April 1st 
– The validity of N4s 

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