How the F-Bomb Helps Sell Houses

Guest: Matt Lionetti, Realtor and Social Media Influencer

The episode has explicit language and is not suitable for all audiences.

Social media has become an essential part of marketing and listing properties for realtors. The challenge is that the content can appear similar to others and fail to gain the attention needed, which is what this week’s guest felt.

Realtor Matt Lionetti, who’s first listing, a run-down house with serious issues, was going to be a significant challenge to sell followed his instincts and filmed an out of the box video that he was told was not going to work.  That first video produced 3 offers, two directly from the video and the property sold in 12 hours. He knew he was on to something and now most listings are less than 5 days on market. 

In this episode you will learn about: 

  • How not following the norms leads to success 
  • Why swearing or being controversial can sell even luxury homes.
  • Why you need to be entertaining, but don’t need to be funny
  • Being authentic and yourself to attract the right clients and reject others 
  • How to connect who you are to what you communicate on social media  

Matt Lionetti is a realtor and content creator who has recently joined The Agency, a global luxury real estate brokerage, previously working for a couple of real estate teams. Seeing the oversaturated typical marketing strategies on social media, Matt knew he wanted to break the mould with his honest approach to marketing, saying what nobody else will. 

This unorthodox approach resulted in his going from averaging $500k in sales every couple of months to generating over $1.5 million in sales per month. With proven models of success in getting his listings sold, Matt continues to grow his online presence, especially on Instagram with over 8,000 followers all organically. 

Previous to getting into real estate, Matt was a touring and session musician playing many stages from Dundas Square in Toronto to The Viper Room in Hollywood. His outgoing personality and passion for entertaining led him to his unique style of marketing and branding through social media.   
He wants to be seen as not just another realtor and stand out on his own. In a business with many avenues, Matt wants to explore them all. From buying/selling, mentoring, teaching, and presenting; Matt is just getting started. 

Get in touch with Matt:
Tel: (416) 890 3442

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