Investing Strategies For More Expensive Markets

Guest: AJ Hazzi, Real Estate Investor, Author, Speaker & Coach

Markets such as Toronto and Kelowna, BC are extremely expensive and it is harder to find deals which can be a deterrent for some people. This week’s podcast guest AJ Hazzi did not let this stop him from finding great deals and becoming successful.

AJ provides insights and advice on investing in more expensive markets. He also shares the brokerage services that his company offers such as helping investors find the right strategies to focus on and providing property management advice. His main message is that you don’t have to know everything before you do it, you just need to start and the way forward will reveal itself.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Pros of furnished executive rentals
  • The executive rental process and targeting homeowners in transition
  • Brokerage and property management services offered to investors
  • Advice on how to make units more appealing to tenants
  • Advantages of modular builds

After becoming a Realtor in 2002, AJ Hazzi noticed a gap in the market and in 2008 he founded Vantage West Realty, a boutique firm dedicated to serving the specific needs of real estate investors. Since then, his brokerage has grown to 28 agents and support staff. From finding and pre-analyzing investment properties to negotiating the purchase and property management after the sale, AJ’s relationship with his clients is more like that of a consultant than a salesperson.

Few people have as much in-depth knowledge about investment properties in the Okanagan Region as AJ. He is head of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) Kelowna chapter and a certified Real Estate Investment Adviser. As an author, speaker and real estate coach, he practices what he preaches. His extensive real estate portfolio includes single and multi-family homes, development property, resort units and commercial buildings.

In addition to being a Realtor, AJ is also a licensed broker, property manager and new home builder. He has witnessed and studied two real estate cycles in the Okanagan Region, and there is nothing more rewarding to him than using the knowledge he’s gained during that time to educate would-be investors on the right strategy to employ during boom and bust years. Over the years he’s honed his skills at identifying properties with excellent ‘house flipping’ potential as well as those with high positive cash flow.

In 2015 AJ was honoured to receive the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He enjoys giving back to the community through his support of the Gospel Mission, Sell a House to Save a Child, and is a proud member of 100 Men Who Give A Damn.

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