Secrets To Multiple Income Streams

Guest: James Burchill, Entrepreneur

This week’s podcast guest James Burchill, Entrepreneur provides insights and advice on how to create multiple income streams to develop passive income and not always trading your time for money. He also shares insights on how to monetize courses. it can be as simple as starting a cooking course on how to make candy apples. Finally, digital publishing is one of the best ways to create passive income utilizing media like video and podcasts.

His main message is that the idea of a side hustle may seem overwhelming but he would strongly encourage you to spend time doing it, even if it is creating one side hustle. Having a single source of income can be very risky as you never know when something might happen.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Tips on monetizing courses
  • Getting started in creating passive income
  • How digital publishing is one of the best ways to create passive income
  • Why multiple income streams are necessary
  • Defining the Decimus rule

Since 1986, James Burchill has been helping people gain time and financial freedom through a mix of software development, consulting and training. He’s authored multiple bestselling business and marketing books, created dozens of bestselling courses (with over 31K global students) and is a certified marketing automation, productivity & technology consultant. 

James develops Intelligent Automation & AI-enhanced Digital Workforce Solutions. He’s also the Co-Founder & CTO of CHATBOT FORGE INC. and the President & CEO of the JAMES MEDIA GROUP. 

James believes in working smart (and hard,) and that a diversified portfolio of passive income projects and side hustles is in everyone’s future (or should be!)

For fun, he produces and hosts the popular Smartcar Coffee Confidential TV show airing online, and on Cogeco TV CH700. He also enjoys cooking for his friends, and when the weather and time permits, enjoys riding his motorcycle. 

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