No Excuses! No Credit, No Money… You Can Still Get Started 📈

Guest: Susan White Livermore, Real Estate Investor-JV partner, Coach, and Speaker

This week’s podcast guest is Susan White Livermore, Real Estate Investor-JV partner. Coach and Speaker. She’s done wholesaling, legal suite additions, rent-to-own, flips, and many other investment techniques. Old school letters still work! Did you know that for some property owners, price isn’t always the number one factor when selling their property? Trust is a very big component.

Put yourself before your business! Make sure that you think properly. What are the things that will make you solid so that you can make the best decisions? Financial wealth is only one element.

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Mindset is everything
  • How the 2008 crash got her started
  • Real estate investing no matter what
  • Focus on the when and who rather than the how
  • Beware the information overload
  • Wholesaling tips & tricks
  • Joint Ventures can fuel your growth

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