From Periodontist to Debt Free Doctor

Guest: Jeff Anzalone, Periodontist, Real Estate Investor & Finance Blogger.

This week’s podcast guest is Jeff Anzalone. He’s a periodontist who is now participating in apartment syndication, real estate investing, raising capital, and a finance blogger. Jeff invests in Louisiana and in the South East US. This episode was very interesting because Jeff spoke about raising capital and investing with high-income earners and physicians. He also shared how we went from being burdened with debt to being debt-free.

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Apartment syndication
  • Educating high-income earners and physicians
  • Actively look for working partners
  • Raising capital
  • The importance of networking
  • Getting rid of debt and passive income

Get in touch with Jeff:
Instagram: @drjeffanzalone
This episode has been brought to you in part by;

Dylan Suitor of Elevation Realty

Dalia Barsoum of Streetwise Mortgages

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