Terms & Flexibility – How to Pick The Right Mortgage For You

Guest: Dalia Barsoum, Mortgage Broker – Streetwise Mortgages

Dalia discusses tips and tricks to stay afloat in times of emergencies. Her many years of experience have helped her guide investors during these uncertain times. Recycling equity should be one of your priorities in 2021. How to finance new construction and much more!

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • What she sees happening in 2021 – post-pandemic
  • Tightening guidelines… hot markets!
  • Fear, mortgage deferrals and the side effects
  • Advanceable mortgages – how to use the line of credit in case of emergency
  • Variable rates are staying low… take on more variable rates
  • How to be successful in 2021
  • Private funds to quickly close on deals

Get in touch with Dalia:
Website: https://streetwisemortgages.com/

This episode has been brought to you in part by;

Dalia Barsoum at Streetwise Mortgages

Jon Tenbrinke of Blackjack Contracting Inc.

Meghan Chomut CFP – www.meghanchomut.com/sarah

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