From Unemployed To Real Estate Wholesaler In Only A Year!

Guest: This week’s podcast guest is Blake Clyce, Wholesaler & Real Estate Investor from Wisconsin.

Blake shared his journey from a stressful job to now doing what he loves and being his own boss. His first deal was complicated but it still proved that his concept worked. He uses technology to his advantage and closes deals remotely, allowing him to work wherever he wants. He also shared with us how he finds off-market deals and closes quickly with cash deals. Blake also briefly discussed how mindset can help you or hinder your growth.

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • From the car world to corporate to unemployed
  • Lost his job and repositioned quickly to wholesaling or direct to seller deals
  • How to assign properties
  • Making work enjoyable by doing something that you love
  • Wants to do more flips in the future
  • Be willing to take risks and get off the beaten path
  • You can accomplish only as much as your mindset allows you

Get in touch with Blake:
Instagram: @blakecycle

This episode has been brought to you in part by;

Dylan Suitor of Elevation Realty

Jon Tenbrinke of Blackjack Contracting Inc.

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