From Single Mom of 4 to Real Estate Investor and Mentor

Guest: Janepher Otieno, Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Nursing Instructor, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Single parent of 4, Caregiver to a special needs person and Trustee.

This week’s podcast guest is Janepher Otieno. She has an impressive story! She started out as a single mom of 4 and became a real estate investor. She now has 12 doors and is a private lender. She’s also written a book to help people care for themselves so they can care for others.

Janepher has scaled her portfolio and business by using HELOCs and prepayment strategies. She started with one house, then refinanced and bought a second one and many others. She always looks for houses with a suite or a house that can be suited. She also has a course helping aspiring investors to choose the right property for this strategy.

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In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Moving from Africa to Edmonton
  • Started with basement suites
  • The importance of passive income
  • Private lending as a strategy
  • How to do private lending the right way
  • Prioritizing what is important and what is urgent
  • Delegating for success

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