How To Compress Time & Buying the Answers

Guest: Mark Smith

This week’s podcast guest is Mark Smith, Real Estate Investor, Sales & Mindset Coach.

Mark shares his story about how he started out with some major REI misconceptions. He thought you were either a landlord or did flips. He found out there are so many other ways to invest! After a rough start, he’s now ramping up and getting started to build his portfolio.

He has invested heavily into mentorship which means he “bought” answers rather than found them. His #1 tip is to “Fix your mindset first, get rid of limiting beliefs.”

Listen to the full episode here

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Investing in your mindset
  • What is the 7-2 mindset?
  • Losing it all and starting over
  • Flipping, wholesaling, JVs ++
  • How to stop trading time for money
  • Compressing time by hiring mentors
  • How to get around the financing wall

Get in touch with Mark:
Instagram: @72mindsetinvestor

This episode has been brought to you in part by;
Dylan Suitor of Elevation Realty
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