Live-In Flips & DIY To Increase Profitability

Guest: Jacqueline Marshall, Flipper & Real Estate Investor

This week’s podcast guest is Jacqueline Marshall, Flipper & Real Estate Investor.

Jacqueline started out buying her first house in her third year of university in Nova Scotia. Then she bought her personal home and after a while tried to sell it unsuccessfully. After finding out she could rent it out and cash flow, she bought another house, then another, and eventually began flipping. She realized she was onto something. She now does most of her flips herself.  She shared a great tip for live-in flips, start-off with a clean and renovated bedroom to be able to live in a clean and sealed place.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • 1st flip was very simple
  • Focuses on Windsor, Fonthill-Niagara areas
  • 9 flips so far
  • Grew up in a family with a construction background
  • Her father and family are part of her power team
  • Learn as you go… 
  • How to budget for a flip – looking for efficiencies
  • DIY to save money and make the flip profitable

Get in touch with Jacqueline:
Instagram: @baywopdesign_

This episode has been brought to you in part by;

Dalia Barsoum at Streetwise Mortgages

James Lloyd & Voytek Mardula of US Properties

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  1. Well done Jacqueline. Would luv to meet up with you one day.

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