Owning A Restaurant During The Pandemic…

Guest: Christina Turner, Restaurateur

Listen to the full episode at http://bit.ly/WSIILatest

This week’s podcast guest is Christina Turner.

Christina Turner, a restaurateur spoke with Sarah about the ups and downs of opening a restaurant during the pandemic. Fresh, locally-made modern Italian food is what Zucchini Cucina serves. Tune in to hear about this business owner’s experience during the pandemic. This interview highlights the importance of adaptability.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • 50% of restaurants never make it to year 2
  • Reputation is everything
  • Had to pivot during Easter and the new lockdown
  • How to manage perishable supplies
  • Staffing challenges

Listen to the full episode at http://bit.ly/WSIILatest

Get in touch with Christina:
Instagram: @zucchiniscucina
Website: https://zucchiniscucina.ca/

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