AirBnB Success: How to get top dollar for your rentals

Guest: Spencer and Ashley Giles, Real Estate Investors

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This week’s podcast guests are Spencer and Ashley Giles, Real Estate Investors.

Spencer & Ashley specialize in AirBnB rentals in the Niagara region. When the low rental season kicks in, they switch their strategy to appeal to essential workers. In this episode, they discussed the various strategies they use to get top dollars from renters and how to remain sane. They also explained how they scaled their portfolio and are now even managing for others. This amazing couple also spoke about traveling frugally and how to build your credit.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Ashley began in REI with house hacking
  • Spencer joined 3 years ago starting with an Air BnB property
  • BRRRR on their 1st property
  • Used HELOCs to buy other properties
  • They now own 15 doors
  • Managing Air BnBs for others
  • Supplies & management – how to make it happen
  • Invest in decor and luxuries!

Get in touch with Spencer and Ashley:
Instagram: @spencerandashley

Listen to the full episode at

This episode has been brought to you in part by;
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Jon Tenbrinke of Blackjack Contracting Inc.
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