How to Get to the Next Level in Your Real Estate Journey

Guests: Joe Ferrara and Harry James, real estate investors

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Stick to what you’re good at and delegate or hire where you lack skills and knowledge. Having clear lanes and defined roles will help you grow much faster. In a partnership, it’s how you handle the downside that matters the most. Harry and Joe have been business partners for over 12 years and have learned so many great lessons. Finding a good business partner is essential to get to the next level in real estate investing. How do you pick a good partner? There’s a lot more than meets the eye. Good partnerships usually evolve far beyond the project at hand. If you’re only in it for the money, it usually won’t last.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Over 40 years of experience each
  • How partnerships can help you grow
  • Getting to the next level and scaling
  • Financing for success
  • Growing pains! 
  • Losing money for 6 years with restaurants
  • True character comes through when splitting losses

Listen to the full episode at

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