Build Your Own Rental Property And Grow Wealth

Guest: Natalie Cloutier

This week’s podcast guest is Natalie Cloutier, real estate investor and builder. Natalie and her husband bought their first condo at ages 19 and 20. They hated living in tight quarters and were reminded by their parents that they could get a bank loan for auto-construction projects!

The young couple decided to switch gears and put in a ton of sweat equity and use their labour as the downpayment to build a house where they could live with an apartment that could help them pay their deals. They were hooked!

They’ve now built several small multi-family properties where they’ve used the BRRR model: Build Rent Refinance Repeat.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Another type of BRRR Build Rent Refinance Repeat
  • Use sweat equity as your downpayment
  • Build in the cost of the lot within the appraised value of your property
  • Buying land and building your own house with a secondary suite
  • How to plan for new construction bank loan draws
  • How to leverage properties and using HELOCs
  • Buying lots for cash… 
  • Money velocity

Get in touch with Natalie:
Instagram: @thenewbuildcouple

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Jon Tenbrinke of Blackjack Contracting Inc.
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