Driving For Dollars With A Twist

Guest: Mathew Frederick, real estate investor, coach & mentor.

Mathew began his journey many years ago working with people that have money but no time or knowledge. He’s done many Joint Ventures and has a very creative way to find off-market deals. He does door knocking and leaves letters which many wholesalers do.

However, he also approaches the homeowners in a completely different way. Mathew offers the owners 5 or 6 different offers ranging from buying the property outright to partnering on a project to add a secondary suite to using VTBs to get price reductions and much more! Listen to the full episode for more amazing tips and tricks.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Creating habits to find off-market properties
  • Focusing on 12-18 unit properties
  • Plazas, mixed-use properties
  • Time management for success
  • Spotting properties and approaching owners with multiple offers
  • Causing people to become Joint Venture partners

Get in touch with Mathew:
Instagram: @rccsol.investor
Website: https://rccsol.com/

This episode has been brought to you in part by;
Dalia Barsoum at Streetwise Mortgages
Jon Tenbrinke of Black Jack Contracting Inc http://blackjackcontractinginc.ca/
Susan Corcoran & Sue Ore of Complete Properties Inc.

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