Should You Invest in Detroit? The Numbers Don’t Lie!

Guest: James Lloyd & Voytek Mardula

This week’s podcast guests are James and Voytek from

Affluent young Americans are leaving large, overcrowded cities. They are spending much more on their houses as they have more disposable income and are working from home. They’re taking advantage of the low cost of living and increasing appreciation in key areas of Detroit and other cities. has been working in the same areas for about 5 years and they’ve renovated hundreds of homes, creating a turnkey product for Canadian investors.

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Canadian operators offering turnkey solutions in Detroit
  • Market appreciation ranging from 25-27% since June 2020
  • Focus on single-family homes
  • New trends during the pandemic
  • Work from home… moving away from larger US cities
  • Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, and other smaller cities are thriving
  • Nesting – home renovations is driving values up

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