The True Entrepreneurial Mindset! How To Scale Quickly…

Guest: Taylor Seers and Jeremy Ivany.

This week’s podcast guests are Taylor Seers and Jeremy Ivany. This amazing young couple started at only 20 years old. They’re now a few years older and are thriving in the world of real estate investing. They’ve harnessed creative financing by borrowing from friends and family to grow their portfolios. It all began when Jeremy lived in Western Canada and was renting a room from a 21-year-old investor. He quickly started to calculate how much money this investor was making and realized the potential. They now do some Joint Ventures, Vendor takebacks, working with credit unions and much more! 

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Started with their very first house at only 20 years old
  • They’re now 23 & 24 and have over 15 properties
  • They scaled up quickly by doing the BRRRR model and buying in the right markets
  • Inspired by podcasts and various meetups
  • Focusing on Chatham, Ontario area
  • How to raise the value of the property
  • Finding capital for renovation money
  • Identifying the right type of properties

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