Buying Apartments at 20k Per Door! How to Be a Value-Add Player

Guest: Marcin Drozdz, real estate investor & coach

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This week’s podcast guest is Marcin Drozdz. I have known Marcin for a little while and it’s been great to catch up and hear about what he’s doing. He recently pivoted to investing in large multi-family properties in the US.

In this interview, Marcin explains why he chose to invest remotely and how he does it. He also explains how the scale of American cities greatly affects investors and creates some massive opportunities. His focus is on distressed properties… Buy deals, fix them, refinance them and do it again. He broke down the numbers for us and spoke about creative financing strategies and how to fund the renovations, find investors, and close the deal. We also discuss landlord and tenant laws in Tennessee. Marcin is providing clean, safe, and affordable housing. He’s focusing on working-class neighbourhoods and creating value for the community and investors.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • What are tertiary and secondary markets in the US
  • Using a VTB to close on a large deal
  • How to make distressed properties bankable
  • Taking advantage of local tax breaks
  • Why Memphis Tennesse?
  • Market fundamentals to look for when looking at value-add properties
  • Curb appeal and safety can help you rent a property

Get in touch with Marcin:
Instagram: @realmarcindrozdz


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