How a Preconstruction Deal Led to a Great Portfolio!

Guest: Ross Nedaee

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This week’s podcast guest is Ross Nedaee. Ross has an interesting story… he began with very small payments of only $500 per month and a downpayment of $2,500 on a condo in Toronto. He got his first taste of appreciation with this property and was able to quickly build some equity that he then used to move on to more active projects.

Buying discount multi-family properties has helped Ross acquire good properties with some vacant units. This is how he was able to get the best rent and analyzed the properties. He asked for a discount and asks a lot of questions, the worst you can get is a no! Everything can now be done remotely, take advantage of technology. 

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How a preconstruction condo got Ross started!
  • Using a HELOC for success
  • Now doing the BRRRR to scale up and build a portfolio
  • Looking for vacant units to be able to increase rent, etc. 
  • Building a team remotely
  • Multifamily properties to mitigate risk
  • Networking and Meetups to establish a presence
  • House hacking tricks and tips

Get in touch with Ross:
Instagram: @ross.nedaee


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