How a 19-Year-Old Police Officer Became a Full-Time Real Estate Investor!

Guest: Jason Boccinfuso, Real Estate Investor

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This week’s podcast guest is Jason Boccinfuso, real estate developer and investor.

Jason started at age 19 while he was a police officer. He began with single-family homes totaling about 150 properties in only 3 years. He then starting playing Monopoly by trading 4 houses for a smaller building and eventually smaller buildings for larger ones, etc. Jason eventually wanted to explore different types of projects and that’s how he got into land development. At first, he would buy land and resell it to developers. However, he quickly figured out that there was a ton of profit to be made in development itself.

Listen to the full episode for this amazing story! Jason completely changed his life and started with next to no money. He found a way to leverage his good income and with smart and strategic investments. Time and location are crucial to his success and his network has helped him tremendously along the way.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How single homes led to a large portfolio
  • Playing real-life Monopoly
  • Buying land and selling off parcels
  • How to make a decision with only 30% of the information
  • Capital to purchase land and how to manage it all-  How to spot land that you can eventually leverage and develop
  • Zoning and creating value

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