Laneway Homes, Suite Opportunities!

Guest: Craig Race & Ryan Fernandes – Real Estate Investors & Laneway House Developers

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This week’s podcast guests are Craig Race & Ryan Fernandes – Real Estate Investors & Laneway House Developers.

Laneway houses are a recent phenomenon in Toronto and Vancouver. Craig & Ryan are designing homes ranging from 500 sf up to 1700 sf with 3 bedrooms and even a basement! Toronto has great policies that help investors build laneway houses to increase density in older parts of the city. Utilities are connected to the main house and are then submetered. Beautiful designs have been created and most are 2 stories above great. It’s a very flexible building model that can even eventually be combined with the main house. It’s a harder resale market as there are currently no comparables. On the rental side, it’s amazing! You can get very high rents and revenue data from other investors. Laneway houses are development-charge free which is a huge saving. Parking requirements are null which greatly increases building opportunities.

Make sure the check out Craig & Ryan’s advocacy efforts, they are the leaders in the laneway housing sector.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • What’s a laneway house
  • How to prepare for such a project
  • Maximizing underutilized space
  • Determining if your property is suitable for a laneway house
  • Various rental opportunities for laneway houses
  • How garden suites differ from laneway houses
  • Opportunities in the city of Hamilton

Get in touch with Craig Race & Ryan Fernandes:
Instagram: @ryanfernandes94
Instagram: @craigitect

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