Airbnb for Dummies! How to Set-Up Cashflowing Short-Term Rentals

Guest: This week’s podcast guest is James Svetec – Real Estate Investor & Airbnb expert.

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James’ career began by managing other people’s Airbnb. He eventually set up his own short-term rentals by working with investor partners. The trend twoards more local travel has greatly influence how he now sets up his suites. The properties need to be near outdoor attractions and staycations. International guests have shown a preference towards medium term rentals. Airbnb is all about huge cashflow & control over your properties. You don’t need to deal with bad tenants and you’ve got tons of eyes on your property. The cleaners and all other outsourced service providers are constantly checking on the premises. The BNB Mastery program that James has designed will help you set up the systems and strategies to ensure long-term success. The key to a good Airbnb experience is to make everything as smooth as possible for the user.

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Author of Airbnb for Dummies
  • Started by managing for others
  • How to work with investors
  • Using long-term rental rates as your baseline price
  • BNB Mastery Program
  • The importance of systems and procedures
  • Amazon home decor accessories

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Instagram: @jamessvetec

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