Heritage Homes: How To Flip Them!

Guest: This week’s podcast guest is Jude Kamal – Interior Designer & Real Estate Investor.

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This week’s podcast guest is Jude Kamal – Interior Designer & Real Estate Investor.

Jude has been working on heritage homes for a few years. She discusses the pros and cons of buying an older home with unique features and owning a piece of local history. Jude shared some resources you can use to evaluate the potential of a heritage home as a principal residence or a flip. Determining heritage designation or upcoming designation is very important before buying an older property. Things such as windows, staircases, flooring and so much more could become part of the designation. The most common is the roof, The interior elements are rarely covered but could be. You can restore the heritage elements but they need to look the same. The best use for investors is a high-end flip as there is a very big premium price tag that goes with renovated heritage homes.

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Working with heritage designated properties
  • How preconstruction got Jude started in REI
  • Ups and downs of older homes – pre 1920s
  • Typical issues of heritage properties
  • Investment opportunities, grants & rebates
  • The renovation process
  • The various approval permits

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