How To Be A Well-Prepared Landlord & Succeed in REI!

Guest:Andrew Choubeta @andrewchoubeta, Paralegal & Real Estate Investor

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This week’s podcast guest is Andrew Choubeta, Paralegal & Real Estate Investor.

Andrew shared his experience as a landlord in Ethiopia and as a paralegal in the GTA. He spoke about some interesting out-of-country opportunities. He also did a deep dive into the world of tenant-landlord relationships in Ontario. Did you know that many changes have taken place at the Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board? There are many new ways that landlords and tenant can communicate and resolve issues. It’s still a very difficult system but a lot of progress has been made during the pandemic. Andrew explained bill 184 and its ramifications for landlords and tenants in Ontario. A lot more work is now required when filing for various issues with tenant matters. Being well-prepared is the key! 

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Investing in Ethiopia! 
  • Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board changes
  • L10 – Now able to sue for damages
  • Major N12 changes
  • How to properly screen a new tenant
  • The LTB’s new stance on various issues
  • New fines and renoviction restrictions…

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