BRRRing in Welland & Being Creative When Adding Suites!

Guest: Victoria Suen @buildxlab, Architect, Real Estate Investor & Developer

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This week’s podcast guest is Victoria Suen, Architect, real estate investor & developer.

Victoria is an architect by trade. She started investing at the age of 19! She only began scaling in the past few years and is now focusing on BRRRRing single-family homes. Victoria wants her projects to be fun and to provide good returns. She started investing in Mississauga when properties were more affordable. She eventually moved to areas where a 300k budget still works. Victoria is now focusing on Welland due to permits and the ease of adding basement suites. The city of Welland is very investor-friendly. Her architectural background helped her find properties that are suitable for secondary suites. Knowing the basics is a great help! Doing is the best way to learn. Sometimes going for the highest and best use at once isn’t the best strategy! Tune in for amazing insider tips and tricks.

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • Adding basement suites
  • How to divide properties for high returns
  • The city of Welland, Ontario
  • Ontario rules surrounding secondary units
  • How to create triplexes from single homes
  • Features required when considering a conversion

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