Luxury Student Rentals for Massive Cashflow

Guest:Jacqueline Bang, Real Estate Investor

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Jacqueline Bang began investing in late winter 2021. This was at the height of the pandemic which means that she needed some solid exit strategies. Student rentals were highly affected during the pandemic due to online learning and other factors. Many people delayed their closing, she didn’t!

Jacqueline focuses on student housing in Windsor, Ontario. She saw an opportunity to get into a different asset class by offering high-end student rentals that few others were offering in the area. She offered shorter-term stays and was accomodating with her tenants during a very uncertain time.

Jacqueline jumped into every available resource and did a ton of networking and attended webinars, binge listened to podcasts, and surrounded herself with other like-minded people.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Luxury student rentals
  • How to succeed during the pandemic
  • Scaling quickly thanks to having more capital
  • Time is your greatest asset in REI
  • How to overcome a lack of experience
  • Applying various investment models to the same property

Get in touch with Jacqueline:
Instagram: @bangbangtravels

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