How to Create Passive Income With Toronto Properties

Guest:Sahil Jaggi @minkrealestate, Real Estate Investor

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This week’s podcast guest is Sahil Jaggi – Real Estate Investor & Realtor

Sahil Jaggi started investing in 2010. He’s the founder and principal broker of Mink Real Estate an investment-focused real estate firm. His real estate investment career started with a bungalow and house hacking. Sahil was living in the basement. He had 80k to invest which was barely enough. He now owns 17 properties worth over 23 million dollars.  Sahil walks us through his numbers on how to create cash-flowing properties in Toronto. He detailed what’s the minimum investment required to turn a bungalow into an amazing investment property. His main goal is to build equity with some cash flow. When buying such properties, he always looks for the upside. Tune in to learn how Toronto and the GTA as well as any hot market can still work for investors if done properly. 

In this episode, you will learn about: 

  • House hacking to get started
  • Separate entrances and large lots
  • Adding secondary suites
  • 80% financing
  • Joint Ventures
  • How to identify gentrifying areas
  • Purchasing detached homes in a hot market

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