From Being a Passive Investor to Becoming an Active Investor

Guest:David Pitschner, Market Director & Real Estate Investor

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This week’s podcast guest is David Pitschner – Real Estate Investor

Dave started investing passively as a money partner in various properties. Eventually, he started being a more active investor. He started buying in Brantford for cash flow and the various profit centers that being an owner offers. His wife wanted to buy places they would live in but eventually, as a couple, they came to terms with the fact that REI is a business. You have to buy properties that will achieve what the investor wants. David saw massive appreciation in a market that most had overlooked at the time. What is the ROI is David’s first question and what is the percentage return. His golden rule is cash flow and does it make business sense? David also shared how to get infinite returns. Tune in for an exciting interview!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How to buy multiple properties
  • Having the right mindset when acquiring properties
  • The importance of systems
  • Buying for cash flow, not just appreciation
  • Surviving down cycles
  • There’s never a bad time to buy, just bad deals

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