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Guest: Jacob Perez

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This week’s podcast guest is Jacob Perez –  Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Investor

In this episode, you will learn about:

  •  How to mitigate your risk when investing
  • Rates & Inflation
  • What’s new in the works of real estate financing 
  • Where to invest throughout Canada and why?
  • Endless opportunities in the real estate market

Jacob is a mortgage Broker serving Canada-wide & a successful real estate investor. Jacob shares his tips when investing outside of Ontario and what to know when you do so. He reveals his favorite investment areas in Canada and within Ontario. You will hear about why there are opportunities within smaller markets and what to look for when choosing a place to invest. Jacob discusses the importance of having systems in place when growing your portfolio. When trying to mitigate risk he recommends having as much cash flow as possible!

” Opportunites in real estate investing are endless- you can join in any facet and find success” 

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