7 Ways to Die in Real Estate Financing

Guest: Dalia Barsoum

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This week’s podcast guest is Dalia Barsoum, Real Estate Investor & Mortgage Broker

Dalia Barsoum is an award-winning mortgage broker and a financial advisor with over 20 years of experience in the banking sector, spanning lending, wealth management strategy and real estate. 
In 2011, she launched Streetwise Mortgages, a boutique brokerage that specializes in servicing real estate investors and self-employed clients across Ontario.

She is the author of Amazon’s Best Seller: Canadian Real Estate Investor Financing: 7 Secrets to Getting All the Money You Want, a public speaker, a regular columnist for the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and contributes to various media outlets on the topics of Real Estate investing and financing; including Rogers TV, Toronto Money Show, the Toronto Investor Forum, Canadian Mortgage Professional (CMP), CBC as well as various GTA-based investment groups

In this episode, you will learn about: How the following are 7 Ways to Die in Real Estate Financing

  • Using high leverage creative financing to acquire assets without validating the exit strategy
  • Using a 5% down payment option as a creative strategy for buying rental properties 
  • Thinking that a pre-approval is an approval 
  •  Financing or leasing a car before conditions clearance and leading to closing
  • Dealing with multiple mortgage brokers simultaneously during a deal 
  • Not fully disclosing information to your mortgage broker
  • Timing deals 

Get in touch with Dalia:
Website: http://www.streetwisemortgages.com/

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