Women in Real Estate

Guest:Esther Nicolas

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This week’s podcast guests is Esther Nicolas, Real Estate Investor & Educator 

Esther Nicolas is a part-time investor, a full-time teacher, the mom of two young children, and the co-founder of Women Investors Network in Canada (@winc.investors). She lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Not long after moving to Ottawa with her husband Matthew, they bought their first home and immediately added a secondary dwelling in the lower level of their bungalow. It was at this time that Esther fully realized the power of real estate investing. She was truly blown away by the passive income generated by ”house hacking” and what it could do for her family.

Esther is an active member of the real estate investing community. In the last year, she has organized monthly in-person and virtual meetups for women investors. There, women can connect, collaborate, and support each other. She believes that when women are financially independent, they have the freedom to leave unwanted situations, relationships, or jobs that no longer serve them. 

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The rising Era of Women in real estate 
  • The mindset game in real estate 
  • How It’s not the number of doors but the type of properties 
  • How to network in the real estate investing world and why it’s crucial 
  • How slow and steady wins the race
  •  How Esther scaled from house hacking to owning a 25 unit multi-family 

Get in touch with Esther:
Instagram: esther.the.investor/ winc.investors

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