Finding Untapped Markets For A Cashflow Boost

Guest: Michael Sweeney and Andrea Romyn Real Estate Investors
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This week’s podcast guests are Michael Sweeney and Andrea Romyn – Real Estate Investors

Michael Sweeney and Andrea Romyn are investors in North Western Ontario, particularly in Sioux Lookout and North of Thunder Bay. Michael has been interested in real estate for the last 10 years and together they own 8 doors.

Michael, originally from South Western Ontario, and Andrea from Germany have together explored the real estate market up North and share with us where to get the best ROIs in that area. They are passionate about real estate investing, education and camping!

In this episode, you will learn about:
  • Insight on the real estate market in North Western Ontario
  • What do the North-Western area cap rates, rental market, and purchase prices look like
  • Real Estate Taxes insights
  • Top tips on Property Financing
  • How to manage your tenants, vacancies, and property
Get in touch with Michael and Andrea:
Instagram: @michaels_rei   @andrea.romyn
This episode has been brought to you in part by;
James Lloyd  of US Properties
Dalia Barsoum at Streetwise Mortgages
Susan Corcoran & Sue Ore of Complete Properties Inc.

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