How Gen Z & Millennials Can Still Be Investors

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Jordon and Evan’s top tips on how you can still get into the Real Estate Market
  • How they found deals through the pandemic
  • Their advice on different types of creative financing strategies
  • Different challenges with partnerships and how to scale using them
  • The benefits and challenges of having In-house construction

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This week’s podcast guests are Jordan King and Evan Unger – Real Estate Investors

In this week’s episode, Evan and Jordon discuss the current state of the real estate market and how young and new investors should not be afraid to jump in! They go over tips on how to find deals and how to get creative with financing. JV partnerships can be a great method to use to scale your portfolio in this episode we find out how, and what challenges can be expected. Tune in for some great insight and tips!

Evan Ungar is a Business Marketing Strategist, Amazon best selling author in “Goal planning and success”, Entrepreneur, and Communications professional. He has built companies in many industries such as Financial, Health Care, Tech, and Entertainment.

Jordan Alexander King is a business entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. Owner of Alexander King Enterprises, a holdings company that is also the parent company of 4 other businesses as well as a founding partner in Tuk Capital (business brokerage).

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