Helping Women Invest in Real Estate

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Joint venture strategy insights
  • Making the shift from real estate investing to property development
  • The Risks and benefits of developing property
  • How women invest differently in Real Estate
  • The mindset shift to becoming a Passive Investor

In this podcast, we learn about how to succeed as a woman in real estate. Liza discusses why she loves joint venture opportunities and why it may work for you. She shares her experience in becoming a land developer and what that shift looks like. We dive deeper into the mindset and invest passively in real estate. Tune in for more great insight.

Guest: Liza Rogers, Real Estate Investor, Developer, and Founder of Women’s Real Estate Network

Liza Rogers is a real estate investor, property developer, and founder of the Women’s Real Estate Network, a BC-based social enterprise focused on creating community and collaboration.

She has 25 years of experience in global tourism and events, including management of international vacation properties.

Liza is a visionary who excels at attracting financial partners! Currently, she’s working on projects that respect wild spaces and biodiversity, preserve multi-family character homes, and advocate for and invest in cohousing/coliving initiatives.

Her approach to real estate investing emphasizes the importance of teams and partnerships
in enhancing social, cultural, and environmental values in our communities. Her passion is bringing a holistic lens to her work and being an example that wealth isn’t just about money.

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