Real Estate Investing over the last 20 years

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • What the short term strategy looked like 20 years ago
  • How they scaled their student rental portfolio
  • Challenges in today’s real estate market
  • The challenges in finding a deal in today’s market
  • How real estate changed their lifestyle
  • How Laura and Matt invested in real estate based on their lifestyle
In this episode we will hear from Matt and Laura Hawkins who have been investing for 20 years. They talk about the early days of AirBNBing their parents cottage 20 years ago and what that looked like compared to the short term rental strategy now. They share with us how they have scaled their portfolio and use their real estate investing success to improve their lifestyle. They talk about all the strategies that have allowed them to achieve this success and the lessons learned that come along side!

Guest: Laura and Matt Hawkins 

Matt started in real estate in 2003 when he was just 19 with a short term cottage rental where he partnered with his parents. Shortly after, Matt and Laura moved on to buying and renovating student rentals in Guelph. Using a very slow version of BRRRR and leveraging their principal residence HELOC they continued to grow their portfolio while finishing post secondary, starting and growing their careers, getting married and having 3 beautiful kids. Recently they transitioned from student rentals to multi family and completed their first duplex conversion in Lindsay Ontario and are currently working on a major renovation to a huge century home Triplex in Peterborough. Matt and Laura are serial entrepreneurs and own a civil landscape construction company in Stouffville and a small HR consulting business. They currently self manage their portfolio and have plans to get into larger multifamily and development deals in the near future.Get in touch with Laura and Matt Hawkins

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