Investing in Michigan and Florida

Guest: James Lloyd and Voytek Mardula, Real Estate Investors

Have you ever wondered what it was like to invest in the U.S? Do you listen to podcasts that are geared towards investing in the U.S? Well, investing in the U.S. is a whole different ballgame and it would be a whole lot simpler if you hired an expert to help you get started.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Rental insights in Michigan and Florida
  • Landlord and Tenant Laws in Michigan
  • What Real Estate Investing strategies work well in Michigan
  • What Real Estate prices look like currently in Michigan
  • What to know about taxes when investing in real estate
  • Insights on refinancing properties in the US

In this episode, James and Voytek teach us about investing in the US, particularly in Michigan and Florida. They go over landlord and tenant laws and rental insights in those states. We will also hear about their preferred investment strategies and what those look like in the current real estate market. They share information on what to consider for taxes when investing in the United States as well as what refinancing looks like.James Lloyd is the Canadian Sales Manager for With over 17 years of definitive experience in hospitality and sales management experience, he has a passion for customer service and client relations.  A graduate of the New York Restaurant School, James began his early career in restaurant management in New York City at several award-winning Manhattan restaurants.

Upon returning to Canada, James transitioned into retail and then corporate sales management before finding his home at US Properties. On a daily basis, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s client development and helping Canadian investors every step of the way with a turnkey solution for purchasing cash flow positive real estate in the Detroit area.

Voytek Mardula, a lifelong entrepreneur, has owned and operated businesses in various industries over the last 25 years, including hospitality, brand name apparel and telecommunications. In the last 12 years, he has also gained extensive experience in investing in and managing rental properties, both in the US and Canada.

Voytek’s current focus is on US real estate, primarily in Detroit. In addition to buying and selling turnkey investment properties in the US, the property management company which he owns and operates and manages over 300 doors in the greater Detroit area.

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