Building a business by leveraging real estate as the vehicle

This week’s podcast guest is Tim Tsai, Real Estate Investor, Mentor & Coach. In this episode, Tim shares with us tips on how to manage properties remotely, and how to leverage your portfolio. We learn about  Delaware Statuary, Trust ( DST) along with investing in Waikiki Hawaii as a Canadian. Tune in for more insights with Tim!

After retiring himself at the age of 30, Tim began to pursue another goal and passion of his – helping others who are committed to achieving financial freedom do the same.

With the help of Rich Dad Education in Canada, Tim successfully became financially free 2 years (25 months to be exact) after his first training.  In the past few years, Tim has built cash-flowing portfolios in Canada, the US and the UK, using a variety of strategies – income properties, lease options (both residential and commercial), creative financing, flip, wholesale, infill development, and mobile home parks, etc.

Tim has learned the power of connecting people firsthand and helping others reach their goals.  This has been the core concept of his business model.  Today, he is passionate about paying it forward and helping others reach their financial goals and increase their financial education through real estate investing.
In this episode, you will learn about:
  • Managing properties remotely
  • How to leverage your real estate
  • Delaware Statuary Trust
  • Investing in Waikiki Hawaii as a Canadian
  • Insights on mindset and health

Get in touch with Tim:
Facebook Personal
Facebook Personal
Instagram: @thetimtsai
LinkedIn: timtsai

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