BRRRR August Webinar Replay

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Welcome to the special BRRRR Webinar replay page where you can watch the recording of the webinar.

“Thanks, Sarah, great job.  I have attended MANY webinars and by far I got the most out of yours. “ Melissa R

NOTE: This page will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY and will then be removed

Special early bird offer on the BRRRR program – details are here

I would highly recommend enrolling in Sarah’s BRRRR Program

The program content was in-depth and is an invaluable resource as we embark on our real estate journey.  

So far we have: completed the B (buy), the first R (renovate) and are in the middle of the second R (rent).  With each step, I consult my program and am able to contact Sarah if I have questions.  

We even felt comfortable enough to do a duplex conversion with our first purchase!

In addition to the course content – I really enjoyed interacting with other like-minded investors during the course and absolutely loved the in field days.

The investment in the course was well worth it – I am much farther ahead than if I had tried to learn it on my own.Susan Johnston

Watch the webinar replay

Sarah did an amazing job of going into the details of how to successfully buy properties and avoid major mistakes. From financial templates to screening tenants, to meeting her power team, this course has it all! If you’re ready to jump in, but just need that extra push – like I did –3 words – worth every penny! I highly suggest taking this course.”  – Andrew

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