BRRRR Program Agenda

Here is a rundown of all the great training and education we have planned in the BRRRR program.

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Below is a detailed agenda to give you a sense of the topics covered and the comprehensiveness of the program. Timing, content and agenda items will vary.

BRRRR Course with Sarah Larbi

Session 1

Intro to the BRRRR Strategy

Why the BRRRR model vs other types of strategies

Pros and Cons to the BRRRR Strategy 

Overview of the 5 steps

Examples of properties I completed with the BRRRR strategy

Setting up your team of experts: who you need on your team and how to find them (I will share my team as well for students that want that information)

Course overview going forward

Session 2

The Buying Process and Finding great deals

What to look for when purchasing for a BRRRR deal

What types of properties to stay away from

Market Fundamentals: What markets are best for the BRRRR strategy and using the checklist to analyze markets

Setting up your searches

Setting up your team of realtors and wholesalers 

Off market finds

Getting your financing ready (1 on 1: Completing your income goals analysis process)

Session 3

Discussing the BRRRR strategy and options to BRRRR with current on market deals

Past BRRRR deal visits

Estimating Renovation costs

Meeting some team members

Session 4

BRRRR deals: on market, in completion and completed BRRRRs

Understanding the renovation process

Meet some of my team of experts: Realtors / Contractors etc

Analyzing the financials on completed BRRRR deals, Renos done and costs

Session 5

The financials: All you need to know about analyzing and running the numbers for a BRRRR deal

Screening and selecting tenants: the 5 complete and thorough steps with all the documentation I use

Standard lease agreement and the 20 pages of addendum you will want to add to it

Tenant and Property Management  

Understanding the Residential Tenancies Act

Session 6

Financing overview using the BRRRR strategy 

Lenders and Expectations from lenders

Session 7

Scaling up your portfolio: Different strategies

JV’s and Finding private money (if and when needed)

Session 8

Understanding the renovation process

Meet my team of experts: Realtors / Contractors etc

Session 9

BRRRRing small multifamily properties 

Conversions and legalizing properties: Duplex’s & triplex’s

Session 10

Exit Strategies

Next Steps

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