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“This program will change your life, if you are willing to take ACTION!”

Amit Parkash, Real Estate Investor and Associate Vice President, TD Bank Group

The housing market is hot, interest rates are still incredibly low (even if they add a half percent here and there), everyone is telling you now is the time, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ offer, and on Facebook everywhere you turn there is suddenly another expert who made $1 million in 7 weeks! 

Real estate investing sounds exciting, even easy and with the current market and opportunities where could you go wrong? 

But too many investors are jumping into or expanding their portfolios without all the facts, not working a proven system or having a reliable sounding board for an unbiased opinion and they are losing thousands of dollars and may not even know it……. yet. 

Or worse they are afraid to ask or are paralyzed from making any decisions and missing great opportunities. 

When I started out, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

But one thing I noticed was that there were others who had built a system, found the answers and been successful because they listened to others who had been there and done it successfully too. 

Imagine in 10-15 years’ time quitting your 9-5 job, sitting back with a portfolio of cash-flowing properties and the freedom to spend time doing what you love. 

That’s what I did on October 1st, 2020, Freedom Day as I will forever call it. 

In a little over 7 years, I had retired from my J.O.B. by scaling my property portfolio and replacing my income using the BRRRR strategy (Buy, Reno, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). These were a mix of long and short-term rentals to boost cash flow while utilizing the BRRRR strategy.

Now I get to take summers off at my cottage (that also produces great income when I am not there), get involved in exciting new build development opportunities and partner in a unique lakeside resort complex.

It wasn’t always easy, I certainly made mistakes, but there were three key things I put in place; 

  1. I discovered and developed a proven strategy and many repeatable processes
  2. I built my professional power team and worked the plan for the longer term. No get rich quick or overnight success. 
  3. I sought the guidance and advice of other successful investors and surrounded myself with like-minded people

That made the difference and helped me achieve my goal in less than half the time I had originally dreamed of. 

I want YOU to have that same dream realized and live the life YOU want.

Introducing the BRRRR Real Estate Investing Program

Sometimes you don’t need the workshops, the manuals and all the extras that large, formalized coaching packages offer.

But you do want;

  • solid, proven advice from someone who has been there and done it!
  • expert insights and guidance from professionals in financing, real estate, renovations etc
  • to learn from others just like you going through the same process as you
  • study at a pace that suits you and the time you can dedicate to it
  • have access to the right tools, resources and how-to’s for as long as you need them, without paying again and again.
That’s what I offer you in the BRRRR Real Estate Investing Program.

I wanted to thank you for this amazing program. I learnt a ton. This journey helped me in purchasing my first investment property using a BRRRR strategy. I feel very confident in the process as knowledge empowers me and, most importantly, I know who to reach out if I need advice. My ROI in this program is infinite! 
Thank you, Sarah, in making one of my New Year resolutions in 2021 coming true! 

Elena Dugarova

This program is designed, built and led by me, Sarah Larbi, recognized as one of Canada’s leading BRRRR Experts.

Who Is Sarah Larbi?

Real Estate Developer, TV & Podcast Host, Investor

As a trailblazer in Canadian real estate investing Sarah Larbi successfully left her 9-5 life after building a 7-figure portfolio by her mid 30’s. 

Through Sarah Larbi Developments she creates unique new builds and is also a partner in an upscale resort project that ensures she is someone to continue to watch.

Sarah Guest Hosts and Produces the Everyday Investor TV show on CHCH and hosts two top 50 all-time real estate investing podcasts. She has appeared in The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine.

Read Sarah’s full bio here – Sarah Larbi

Throughout 2021 I worked closely with a group of investors in exactly the position you are in right now.

I wanted to deliver the real estate investing program that I would have wanted when I wanted to grow my portfolio.

Some were starting on their real estate investing journey, others already had one or even a few properties. But what they lacked were the tools, resources, strategies and guidance needed to take real estate investing from a side hustle to something that could potentially replace their 9-5 job or give them the additional income to lead the life they wanted and have the lifestyle and experiences they dreamed about.

I first came across Sarah’s podcast in Oct 2020 and found myself consuming a wealth of knowledge that opened my eyes to a new real estate investing strategy that allows you to scale quickly.

While there are many coaching programs out there, it is rare to find a coach that has not only gone through the journey you’re looking to embark on but has also developed systems and processes that allow you to scale. This was the very reason I joined Sarah’s BRRRR coaching program

I have learned that you can either work hard or work smart when it comes to deploying your resources such as time, money and your network. Through Sarah’s coaching program, I developed the mindset and the tactics that have allowed me to execute my first BRRRR project profitably while developing the processes that have enabled me to take on more acquisitions and partnerships. The tactical knowledge gained is a consolidation of live experiences and lessons learned that will save me both time and money.

Fast forward to my life right now, I have developed the acumen needed to dissect a deal into opportunity and the muscle to profitably execute a BRRRR strategy. Thank you – and I look forward to collaborating with you in the near future. 

Babar Moghal

We covered an incredible amount of content over 12 months including in detail the 5 Steps of the BRRRR Strategy.

Here is what we covered………..and more:


  • BRRRR model versus other strategies
  • Understanding the BRRRR Strategy
  • Sarah’s BRRRR properties
  • Setting up your team of experts: who you need on your team and how to find them (Students have
    access to my Power Teams )


  • The buying process and finding great deals
  • Criteria for a successful BRRRR Strategy
  • Market Fundamentals: What markets are best for the BRRRR strategy and using the checklist to analyze markets
  • Setting up your Property Searches
  • Where to look-Fundamentals to consider when you are searching ( demographic, workforce, rental data)
  • Which resources to use for your search ( ie: realtor, online platforms)
  • Setting up your team of realtors and wholesalers

RENOVATE -Deal Analysis & Financials/ Intro to Renovations

  • The Financials: What you need to have and know before you start the analysis
  • Utilizing the BRRRR calculator
  • Understanding and utilizing the Mortgage and Property Evaluator Apps
  • Analyzing Short Term Properties /Mid Term Properties
  • Renovations (Part 1)


  • Advertising your place for rent
  • Finding and screening tenants using the 5 screenout steps
  • Using the additional enhanced screening measures post-pandemic
  • How to reject tenants without getting into trouble
  • Signing the lease


  • General financing overview for investing in real estate
  • Financing overview for the BRRRR strategy
  • Lenders and Expectations from lenders
  • Refinancing steps and what you need to know in order to keep scaling
  • Private lender options
  • Income Blueprint Exercise


  • Portfolio Growth Phase
  • Using other people’s money
  • Hard Money Vs Private Money
  • Registered vs Non Registered funds
  • Joint Ventures
  • Document Review

IN ADDITION – we had guest presentations from leading Industry Experts in residential real estate, law, financing, renovations, short and mid-term rentals, property management, advanced lending, taxes and accounting, insurance, investing abroad and commercial real estate.

PLUS: We also had 12 Live Q&A calls, and I provided Market Reports, Checklists, and Resources.

In total well over 30 hours of recorded video content with incredible detail plus thousands of dollars of value in resources, worksheets and the various expert insights and personal guidance from one of Canada’s leaders in the BRRRR strategy.


Here is what one member of the group shared with me just recently……


You changed my life by giving me the tools, techniques and most importantly the confidence to unlock existing equity. I purchased 4 properties and hopefully 9-10 doors this year. This course will change your life if you are willing to take ACTION!!

Amit Parkash – Associate Vice President, TD Bank Group




Every session was recorded in its entirety, all the questions, my advice and insights and now you can get access to all of this for as long as you need it. This is a five-figure plus program.


ADDED SUMMER OFF BONUS – When Sarah returns from her summer off she will host 3 LIVE GROUP Q&A calls in September, October and November for all program participants to help you get your questions answered, seek her advice and connect with others going through the program at the same time. These calls will be recorded and added to the program for your lifetime access. Value $500+

Normal Price $2,997 – SPECIAL PRE-SUMMER OFFER – SAVE $500 PLUS 3 LIVE GROUP CALLS – $2,497 plus HST



Two payments of $1348.50 plus HST – Figure will show inclusive price $1523.80

All fees are plus HST

Payments are through PayPal – secure payment and no account is required

When you use the button to make a payment, you understand and agree to the statement outlined at the foot of the page.

What Results Can You Expect?

I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for how much you’ve helped push me in the right direction and jumpstart my real estate investing venture! The knowledge you’ve taught me, your connections you’ve put me in touch with, and your constant support throughout our coaching classes have been greatly appreciated. I bought my first 3 doors in February (already having tenant issues but that’s part of the game) and am looking to buy more again soon! I’m further along than I could ever imagine myself being a year ago, and for that I thank you.

Matthew Davis

What challenges were you facing prior to joining?
Prior to joining I was trying to piece together disparate information from every source possible – podcasts, books, webinars, forums, blogs- to help with high-level planning for the purchase of a second property but was struggling to find Canadian-specific tactics and practical advice. Although BRRRR looked like a great path, we were worried that the risk would be too high and mistakes too costly.

What made you choose the program?
I was looking for something that covered the end-to-end process, likely outcomes and pitfalls so that I could make informed decisions whether the BRRRR was the strategy for me. I attended one of Sarah’s webinars and there was so much practical information and detail that I took the leap to join to learn more.

What difference has it made?
In terms of planning for the next purchase, I’m months, maybe even years ahead of where I would be without the course, and have a much more thorough plan thanks to the (totally manageable and helpful) assignments.
The course material has even helped with managing my current property. We are using the renovation and screening tenant tips and feel much more confident speaking to trades and other industry professionals about our needs and overall strategy.

What has surprised you most about the experience so far?
I’ve been surprised at how actionable the content is. The recommended next steps are already quite actionable.

Laura Swayne

Ready to join?  The investment you make now will likely be made back more than once inside a year.


Normal Price $2,997 – SPECIAL PRE-SUMMER OFFER – SAVE $500 PLUS 3 LIVE GROUP CALLS – $2,497 plus HST


Two payments of $1348.50 plus HST – Figure will show inclusive price $1523.80

All fees are plus HST

Payments are through PayPal – secure payment and no account is required

When you use the button to make a payment, you understand and agree to the statement outlined at the foot of the page.

The focused knowledge, straightforward guided explanations from Sarah, countless resources, connections have quickly brought many of us to great success already. 

We personally find it amazing how fast you see the benefits of “investing in yourself”. This course has already paid for itself 10x over by one mistake alone we could have made without it! 

The value for the cost is way beyond comparison to any other REI course I have paid for. 

Sarah delivers more than you would ever imagine, hands down! 

Kelly and John Casimiro


Does this include any 1:1 coaching?

No, this is a self-directed online program. The intention is for you to be able to get access to Sarah’s experience, and all the recorded Q&A. 

Why is the fee $2997?

Sarah normally charges $12k-25,000 for her personal 1:1 coaching or 6-9k for the small in-field group classes, so this is a lower investment level that still gives access to Sarah’s expertise and can be something you choose to use on an ongoing basis. 

Does this give me access to Sarah’s programs? 

No, but we will give you a special BRRRR Member price for any of Sarah’s online programs and her higher-end coaching programs when there are special promotions.

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