Coaching and Mentoring

The most rewarding experience in all of this for me has been helping those around me get closer to their goals and watch them become successful investors themselves.

Sarah Circle HS

If you have been reading my e-mails, listening to my podcasts or hearing me speak you will realize there is a lot to know about real estate investing.

After the years I have been involved I have made mistakes, learned plenty of lessons and had some great success and I love to share my formula ‘7 Steps to a 7 Figure Portfolio’ and how that has enabled me to go from broke millennial to having my own 7 figure property portfolio.

For those of you who would like more help and guidance I have several coaching and mentoring options;

VIP Mentoring Program

This is an intensive and very special mentoring program and the expected commitment is for 12 months. If you are committed to real estate investing then I am committed to working with you to make that happen. Check out The VIP Mentoring Program by clicking here. 

Group Coaching Program

This is a virtual group coaching program, for the newer or first-time real estate investor who wants to follow a proven step-by-step system that has helped me grow to a nine-property, 7-figure portfolio in under 5 years. Check out the Group Coaching Program by clicking here. 

Individual ‘Pick My Brain’ Sessions

These very limited 1:1 sessions are a one hour Zoom online or Face to Face meeting in the GTA, where I can drill down into a specific real estate investing area or challenge with you and get you moving forward faster and easier.  Prior to the session, you will complete a quick intake form so I can get a little background and make the most of our time together.

I also offer very quick advice calls for 30 mins, these are ‘How can I help you?’ calls with no intake information ahead of time. 

Please use the drop-down payment buttons to select your preferred session, online or face to face. 

Thank you, I look forward to helping you. 


1:1 Consulting – 1 Hour

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