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There is a lot to think about when you are getting serious about real estate investing, either in getting started or looking to build on what you already have. I have made mistakes and learned many valuable lessons that eventually led me to be able to retire from my 9-5 job after only 7 years of getting started in real estate investing.

Are you ready to get on a similar path? 

Each year I only work this intensely with a few people. Recently I have been wrapping up working with some of those mentees (plus I have a little more time as I am semi-retired!) so I am now available to work with you to either guide you in making your first real estate investment or building your growing portfolio most likely using the BRRRR approach.

Here’s the main point: We will work together on agreed goals, with my providing insights, specifics and connections to guide you on what you need to do. This will include reviewing your plans, numbers and work, then following up with you and proactively contacting you to ensure you are getting the progress you signed up for.

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You will have personal attention from me with 1-on-1 calls, as well as unlimited e-mail support and 5-10 minute phone calls as needed. You will get insights into the way I run my business and I will also review all of your plans and documents. You will also have exclusive access to my network of experts and professionals. 

This is an intensive and very special mentoring program and requires you to 100% ready to take action. If you are committed to real estate investing becoming the strategy to change your life then I am committed to working with you to make that happen.

The BRRRR VIP Mentoring Program covers exactly the process I follow to research, find and execute my own BRRRR investments and includes;

  • 1-on-1 calls 
  • 5-10 minute phone calls as needed in between
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Review of all plans and documents  
  • Access to my experts and professional network
  • Where and when possible field visits to review properties and opportunities. 
  • PLUS – one year access to my NEW BRRRR Freedom Community.

I work with you for up to 12 months to reach your goals. 

If you have been reading my e-mails, listening to my podcasts or hearing me speak you will realize there is a lot to know about real estate investing.

The most rewarding experience in all of this is helping those around me get closer to their goals and watch them become successful investors themselves. Like these clients; 

For those committed investors looking to gain access to expertise and help on a consistent basis.

Sarah has been an amazing coach for our real estate journey. We were looking to invest in our first investment property and needed a coach who could guide us through the entire process from start to finish as well as connect us to a real estate team of experts that are reliable and trustworthy.

Sarah helped us sort through many opportunities and taught us what to look for when analyzing deals so that we didn’t buy the wrong ones. We ended up closing on a great 5-plex building this year. Sarah helped us see the potential for this deal,  put a strategy together to make this a profitable investment, reviewed the tenant applications with us to choose the right tenants and helped us turn this property into a cash-flowing property.

Buying our first property has put us on a whole new journey for real estate, we are now even delving into Wholesaling and Sarah has been just a phone call away and available to run through any deals and suggest creative strategies over the past year. The best thing that could happen on your real estate journey is to hire a coach who is genuinely interested in your success and you being committed to taking action for the right opportunity. We would definitely recommend Sarah for your real estate goals and success.

Keith & Donna

Why Sarah?
We decided to invest in 1:1 coaching because we were new to real estate investing, we did not know anyone within our family or friends’ circle who invested in real estate and we heard many horror stories of why “not to invest” in real estate.

We wanted to do our due diligence before diving into real estate investing. We chose Sarah because of her proven track record of being one of the most successful “millennial” real estate investors in Canada.

What did we learn?
The coaching process helped us identify “why” we wanted to pursue real estate investing, set goals & understand which strategy would work best for our personal situation. In addition, Sarah helped us understand how to pick the market wanted to invest in, analyze properties for cash flow & screen tenants. She helped us expand our network & helped us build our power team for our first real estate investment property.

What did we achieve?
Within the first 4 months of 1:1 coaching, we purchased our first real estate investment property and rented it out a month after closing with positive cash flow.

Would we recommend her

We would definitely recommend Sarah as she genuinely cares about the success of her students. She shares personal success strategies and lessons learned. She is quick to respond to questions and extremely knowledgeable. Investing in 1:1 coaching sessions with Sarah was the best decision we made as new real estate investors.

BRRRR VIP Mentoring

The BRRRR methodology is the one that has helped me build my portfolio and has been central to my success.

Many people want to know the ins and outs of how I do all this and I cover than in my successful BRRRR Program and my NEW BRRRR Freedom Community.

Ready to get started?

STEP 1 – Complete the BRRRR VIP Mentoring Applicationclick here to apply

Your Investment

The greatest investment you’ll make is your commitment to seeing real estate investing as the vehicle to provide freedom on your life and having me guide you there.

BRRRR VIP Mentoring is normally $25,000 but if you apply now and are accepted you will receive this


12 MONTH OPTION$15,000 if booked before April 1st – PLUS FREE Annual Membership for 2021 of the BRRRR Freedom Community – value $1400

MONTHLY OPTION$1,000 per month PLUS FREE Membership of the BRRRR Freedom Community for as long as you are a VIP client. NOTE – Monthly clients are limited to three 1:1 calls a month and one field visit per quarter.


12 Month Option

The amount is payable in full on acceptance of your application. Or, you can pay $11,000 on commencement and $4,500 in 90 days. (Note if the 2nd payment isn’t made the program will stop with no refund. There are no refunds of any payments in this program for any reason unless I cancel your participation because I feel you are not using the help, in which case I will provide a pro-rated refund.)

You may also reserve a space with full payment to start at a time in the future of your choosing.

VIP Mentoring

All fees are plus HST

Payments are through PayPal – secure payment and no account required

Monthly Payment Option

Register now for the $1,000 per month, monthly option and get immediate access to the BRRRR Freedom Community

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I really look forward to connecting with you and inspiring you to greater success.

Thank you

Sarah Larbi, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Coach, Podcast Host, Author.

P.S. If after you look through the application you determine this is not the right time for you I do have other program options that may be better suited to your current situation. You can check those out here

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