BRRRR VIP Mentoring Application

Why is there an application process? I only take on very few mentoring clients each year. My commitment to you is 100% and I want to ensure you are set up for success with the right pieces already in place, hence the questions.

This is a 12-month, intensive relationship to meet your important short-, medium-, and long-term real estate investing goals and help you either secure your first BRRRR property or scale your portfolio.

If after you look through the application you determine this is not the right time for you I do have other program options that may be better suited to your current situation. You can check those out here

BRRRR Freedom Community – click here

RISE Online Program – click here

I also have a highly effective Tenant Screening program – click here

Complete Your BRRRR VIP Mentoring Program Application

Please answer all the questions as fully as you can, it will save a lot of back and forth and speed your application process.

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