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Are You Afraid That Owning a Portfolio of Investment Properties Seems Impossible?

Do You….…..

Know that real estate is an important part of any wealth portfolio but are not sure how to add it to yours?

Fear that you don’t have the time and it will take forever to own more than one or two homes?

Worry that there is too much to know and understand and you don’t even know where to start?

This was exactly my situation a little over 5 years ago. No money, no property and no system to make it happen for me and I had a busy sales career.

Yet now I have a portfolio of houses, have co-founded a successful real estate investing club, launched my own and also co-host two top 25, real estate investing podcasts and have been invited to speak at some major real estate investor events – ALL whilst holding down a demanding full-time job!.

But there is an answer. Approaching real estate buying and investment more strategically and thinking out of the box when it comes to first and second properties can mean being in a position in just a few years of producing additional income, a retirement plan and living in the home you want.

My name is Sarah Larbi and in just 7 years I have gone from broke millennial to owning investment properties and being well on my way to having the option to retire by the time I am just 45.

My goal is to inspire other Canadians to own property faster and easier.

Are you ready to buy your first property or maybe add to your portfolio?

Most new investors (and even the experienced ones) are terrified of making a mistake and buying a ‘bad’ property. You can just hear your friends or relatives saying “See, we told you so…!”

It does not have to be that way at all. Which I why I have created the “Market Fundamentals Worksheet” for you so that you always can make the best buying and investing decisions – EVERY TIME!

Click the button below to download the free worksheet “Market Fundamentals – How to know where and when to buy – every time!”


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